When you hire Arkansas Auction Group & Realty, you become part of our family and we strive to do our best to ensure you are pleased with the outcome!

As an auction company with several decades of proven experience, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professional service. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you, the seller and buyer. Our staff uses the most up-to-date technology in the auction industry today.

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Arkansas Auction Group & Realty is a full service real estate auction marketing firm selling properties throughout Arkansas from first contact through closing. 

Full service means that we do everything necessary to ensure a successful Auction!


Arkansas Auction Group & Realty has leading professionals marketing your real estate, equipment and personal property utilizing the latest, most up-to-date internet bidding, internet marketing, newsprint, fliers, signage and customer base to maximize interested parties to purchase your items from anywhere in the world.

Real Estate Sellers

Your real estate will be offered to the public in an “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” condition with “ALL PATENT & LATENT DEFECTS” not subject to financing, appraisals or home inspection. Most properties close within 30 days of auction day!

Personal Property & Equipment Sellers

Your items will be sold to the public in an “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” condition with “ALL PATENT & LATENT DEFECTS”. Personal property can be sold from first contact to settlement within 30-45 days from contractual date.

When you hire Arkansas Auction Group & Realty, you become part of our family and we strive to do our best to ensure you are pleased with the outcome!

Benefits to Sellers

  • Seller knows exactly when the property will sell and close
  • Buyer signs a no contingency contract to close within 30 days of auction
  • Creates competition among buyers...auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale
  • The aggressive marketing campaign increases interest and visibility
  • Buyers come prepared to buy
  • Seller doesn’t have to make repairs and paint to get ready
  • Assurance that the property will be sold at true market value

Auction Process

A real estate auction is the sale of real estate property in "As-Is" condition for the fair market value, using a competitive bidding process.
"As-Is, Where-Is" is a legal term and concept used to disclaim liability for an item being sold. "As-Is, Where-Is” denotes that the seller is selling, and the buyer is buying, a property or item in whatever condition it presently exists, and that the buyer is accepting, the item "with all “patent and latent defects," whether or not immediately apparent.

The following information will provide a quick overview to help sellers learn more about the auction process.

Property Information

Prior to selling real estate by auction, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of the property as well as knowledge of the current market. Arkansas Auction Group & Realty conducts due diligence by gathering facts and information about property and includes it in materials available to all bidders.

Auction Proposal

Once information is gathered, Arkansas Auction Group & Realty develops an auction marketing schedule and process of how and where the property will be marketed and advertised. This will include marketing and auction fees, NON-refundable deposit from buyer and proposed closing date.

Marketing Plan and Budget

One of the most powerful success factors in using the auction method of marketing is an accelerated, proven, and comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing program is tailored for each property since no two properties and locations are the same. Due to the accelerated  time in marketing a property, the marketing schedule will be specific to your property and target the buyers looking for your specific property looking for the most qualified and perspective buyers. Marketing efforts typically begin for (4) to (6) weeks prior to the sale date. In a traditional listing, most agencies list your property for a lengthy listing period and place a sign in your yard. When selling at Auction, you, the seller can schedule the date and time your property will be offered at public auction and know you will see a cash offer that will close in 30 days keeping your cost-to-hold down to a minimum.

Buyers drive by “For Sale” signs daily and think, if we wait them out the price will come down. When an “AUCTION” sign goes up, those buyers realize they have to get prepared to buy the property on the date and time on the sign and get off of wavering whether to make an offer. Most instances, properties will bring market value if not more using the auction method of marketing.

The Property Information Package (PIP) is a comprehensive document that outlines important details of the property. Real estate taxes, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, size of lawn or acreage, school district, year built, POA dues if any, and any other information discovered in the process of gathering information are included in the PIP. By providing this information, bidders are given almost all the information to take to their bank and get pre-approved to finance if they want to. It further gives them the surety of knowing what they are purchasing and hopefully resulting in a higher contract price for the seller. The PIP is distributed to all qualified potential buyers. Also included in the packet is a copy of the real estate contract the buyer and seller will both sign.

Before the Bidding Begins

The property being offered will be open at least one (1) hour prior to opening bids. The auction begins promptly at the appointed time with opening remarks summarizing the terms of sale, the methods of bidding, and any last minute changes or disclosures. These comments usually take only a few minutes, concluding with the auctioneer answering any final questions.

Working with the Bidder Assistant

The Bidder Assistants are auction staff members who are positioned among the auction attendees to help all bidders communicate their offers to the Auctioneer. Bidders place a bid by raising their bidder card. It is a myth that bids can be made accidentally by scratching one's nose or similar accidental movement. If a bid was not intended, the mistake is corrected by simply notifying a Bidder Assistant. Any tie bids or other issues regarding who has the high bid are always resolved by the Auctioneer, who has complete and final authority.

During the Auction!

From the first bid, things move quickly with bidders offering their bids up to the price they are willing to pay. It is not necessary, nor customary, for the Auctioneer to slowly announce, "Going once, going twice, etc." When it is determined that the final bid has been made, the Auctioneer will identify and congratulate the high bidder. In a "subject to confirmation" auction, the seller retains the right to accept or reject the high bid within a specified time after the auction. If the auction is for a single property such as a home, this concludes the auction and the buyer simply executes the Real Estate Purchase Agreement and makes the required deposit.


Closing on the property typically takes place within 30 days from the date of the auction. Closing is not contingent on financing, appraisals, or inspections. In the event a buyer changes their mind or does not show up for closing after the seller has agreed to accept the highest bid and signs the contract. At that time, the buyer will forfeit their deposit.